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DAILY INNOVATION BRIEF by Maryanne Kane, Journalist

  DAILY INNOVATION BRIEF                                                                                                          By Journalists Edward Kane & Maryanne Kane FLYING ON HYDROGEN & MAKING HISTORY                                             Source:  ZeroAvia In the UK, the world's largest aircraft powered by hydrogen took flight for a history-making 10 minutes ZeroAvia, which is a British-American hydrogen-electric aircraft developer, produced the breakthrough prototype aircraft, Dornier 228, which performed exceedingly well during the flight The hydrogen plane taxi'd, took off, did a full circle pattern in the sky & then safely landed Dornier 228 is a 19-seat passenger plane with a twin-engine setup, retrofitted with a hydrogen-electric engine on the left wing Company is focused on developing 20-seat regional hydrogen commuter planes to 100-seat, long distance hydrogen planes ZeroAvia has a pipeline of customer orders including from Alaska Airlines The

China's Fascinating Robot Car

  ROBO-01: Really Smart Robot Car                                                                                Source:  Baidu A Car that Self-Drives, Talks & Tells You How It Feels China's internet technology giant Baidu has just unveiled its first robot car and it is an amazing piece of automotive technology.  The concept car, called ROBO-01, is an AI powered electric vehicle. It is controlled by voice recognition of the human behind its yoke, retractable wheel. Baidu's smart EV group JIDU invented the vehicle with China's automotive technology powerhouse Geely. The 2 companies say ROBO-01 offers industry leading AI technology, futuristic automotive design aesthetics and a spectacular user experience.  Priced at around $29,914, this new robocar is breakthrough innovation.  It is fully electric, fully autonomous and combines interactive robotic intelligence and emotions with self-driving technology. Baidu intends to start producing a few models late this year and to g