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Robot Eye Surgeon

Robots Restoring Human Eyesight   Robotic Eye Surgery - Oxford University Hospital My Surgeon is a Robot British surgeons have overseen a world first.  The world's first robotic operation inside the eye.  It occurred at Oxford University Hospital.  Professor Mac Laren, who directed the robotic surgery with a joy stick, hailed it as a vision of the future of eye surgery. 20-20 Vision Twelve patients were involved with the robotic surgery trial.  In the first part of the surgical trial, the robot was used to push membrane off the retina without damaging it.  The second phase of the trial will be how the robot can place a needle under the retina and inject fluid.  This could lead to gene therapy as a treatment for blindness. Robotic-Human Partnerships for Cures One patient Father William Beaver, a local priest in Oxford, had been experiencing distorted vision, which he described as looking through a hall of mirrors.  Following the procedure, he said his eyesight has return