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Incredible Versatility of Robots

  World's 1st Robot Manicurist   - Clockwork Manicure                                                     Source:  Clockwork New Robotic Startup in San Francisco This is another example of robotic versatility and dexterity that is a world first.  A new startup Clockwork, based in San Francisco, has invented a nail painting robot that can perform the polish application in less than ten minutes.  It's the world's first manicure robot.  The robot uses 3D scanning to determine the exact shape and size of the person's nails.  It then paints the nails in a circular motion while the client sits still for the polish application. What Is the Market Potential? The market potential appears to be considerable for robot manicurists. Americans spent more than $9 billion at nail salons in 2020 and that was during the pandemic. Founder and CEO Renuba Apte says the robot is designed as a quick and convenient service.  She says it is complementary to nail salons as the robot does not cut