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New Advanced Robo-Cop in Singapore

  Xavier on Patrol to Fight Small Crimes                                                  Source:  Singapore & HTX Also Known as "Snitch" Bot For the next month on the streets of Singapore, a bold robotic experiment is getting underway.  A pair of robots, both named Xavier, will help Singapore police spot small, petty crimes.  Their duties include patrolling a popular shopping center to spot "undesirable social behavior" like hawking and illegal product selling, smoking in unauthorized areas, motorbiking on sidewalks, gatherings of more than 5 people in violation of COVID restrictions and illegally parked vehicles.  The 2 Xaviers are being jokingly nicknamed "snitch-bots" because of their surveillance duties. When Xavier spots questionable activity, he sends an alert and video to police command and control and a human police officer comes to the scene to investigate, if need be.  New Robotic Technology The pair of Xavier's were built by Singapore&#