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Breakthru Solar EV From Netherlands

  The Netherlands SEV Lightyear One                                             Source:  Lightyear One Revolutionary Green Driving Technology Experts say that in the future solar EVs (SEV) will need to charge only once a year.  A precursor of that green future is the Netherland's Lightyear One SEV.  The car can drive for months without needing a recharge.  The Dutch company Lightyear has successfully conducted a number of durability test runs which have demonstrated that the current model-prototype can be driven for months without a plug-in.  This development is a big boost for the sustainability of solar EVs and provides tremendous flexibility for the driver with no concerns and range anxiety about the frequent need to recharge the SEV. Highly Efficient and Durable Vehicle According to Lightyear, Lightyear One uses only 83 Wh/km.  That is three times less than any other EV on the road today.  The solar panels on the vehicle's roof and hood charge it at a rate of 12 km per hour

New Solar EV, Inexpensive, 3 Wheels

  From China, a Solar Powered, 3 Wheel Car Source:  Alibaba Price Is Right on the Tuk Tuk China's technology and e-commerce giant Alibaba has developed and is selling a solar powered electric car that operates on 3 wheels and has zero emissions.  It's a new form of personal mobility to navigate, particularly urban areas, at speeds up to 30 mph.  The most refreshing feature of the EV is the price - $1,691.  It's called the Tuk Tuk trike and some are calling it an auto rickshaw. Solar Driving The roof of the vehicle is covered with solar paneling.   The EV generates 300 watts of energy as its drives along in the sunshine.  The battery is a 60V 45Ah unit.  A full day of sun can give the vehicle a nearly complete charge of the 12.7 kWh pack.  There is also a standard roof, electric motor model available.  The vehicle can carry 6 to 8 passengers with 2 seats in the front and 2 benches in the back that are capable of seating 4 adults or 6 small children.  The vehicle is available