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New Totally Solar SUV Concept That's Hot

  California Startup Humble Motors' The Humble One                                             Source:  Humble Motors More Than $20 Million in Pre-Orders California-based startup Humble Motors has unveiled a solar roof concept SUV that they call the Humble One or One, for short.  The vehicle has 80 square feet of highly advanced photovoltaic cells on the roof that capture sunlight and turn it into electricity to power the vehicle for a range of 60 miles per day.  That is good enough for many urban commutes. Hot New Entry into the Solar Car Market The One SUV has 4 doors and is roomy enough to carry four passengers. It is 198 inches long and weighs 4,000 pound.  It is engineered to be as lightweight as possible. Humble Motors is calling it the world's first, totally solar powered SUV. It's a hot vehicle with more than $20 million in pre-orders.  In February 2021, One orders grew 426% in the US,  while US EV sales increased only 12%.  Humble One's price is not so humble.