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Unique, Solar Bike Hiway in South Korea

  20 Miles of Green Energy                                                                      Source:  Daejeon, South Korea                                           Source:  Solar Bike Highway                                   Source:  Sejong, SK Solar Energy and Green Transportation South Korea has built a 20 mile solar "bike highway" that is both green and highly innovative.  The solar bike lane sits on top of a 20 mile stretch of highway running between the city of Daejeon, which is a transportation hub with a population of 1.5 million and Sejong, the de-facto administrative capital of South Korea.  Solar panels cover the path's roof for the entire 20 miles.  They shield cyclists from the sun and also generate electricity.  The location is highly unusual as 3 lanes of highway traffic straddle either side of the solar bike path. Green Electricity The solar bike path is highly effective.  It produces enough electricity to power the highway's electric vehicle charg