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Toyota Solar & Hydrogen Concept Cars

  Toyota's New Push to Bring Solar Powered Vehicles into Lineup                              Source:  Toyota Hydrogen Car Concepts Mix of Zero Emissions Vehicles Coming From Toyota Toyota has made a new commitment to equipping its cars with highly efficient solar power systems and batteries.  It's embarking on an R&D partnership with Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, which has strong expert in renewable energy production.  Also joining the partnership is Toyota Central R&D which focuses on breakthrough technological advances for Toyota.  Toyota is showcasing its Toyota bZ4X concept, which is an electric vehicle with solar panels that feed an onboard solar charging system to extend the vehicle's range. bZ stands for "below zero" emissions and 4X for four wheel drive, which Toyota claims gives the vehicle off-road capabilities. This is a major Toyota concept now under development. Toyota is pushing in a strongly ze