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New Solar Electric Vehicle To Drive

  New EV Has Strong Funding Source:  Aptera Very Close to Production Aptera, the San Diego based electric vehicle maker, has landed $4 million in fresh funding to bankroll production of its 3 wheeled, solar electric EV by the end of 2021.  Aptera is a unique, sleek and highly efficient new form of personal mobility.  The electric vehicle seats two, operates on 3 wheels, can hit speeds of 110 mph and promises to be ultra efficient with a 1,000 mile range.  It already has netted 7,000 orders to buy it in just two months.  That adds up to $250 million in orders.  The company says it is driven by the power of the Sun and depending upon where you live and how much you drive, you may never have to give it a charge.  Bottom-line:  solar power alone can power the EV for 45 miles per day. Solar Panel Roof The Aptera is designed for energy efficiency. It has solar roof panels to pull in energy from the sun.  Depending on the size of the battery in the vehicle, you can get 1,000 miles of range on