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Chinas' Latest Solar EV Breakthroughs

  EdisonFuture's Solar Powered Multi-Purpose Van and Pickup Truck                                           Source:  EdisonFuture Growing Push Toward Zero Emissions Driving Solar powered electric vehicles are starting to come on strong.  Chinese automaker EdisonFuture has unveiled a solar powered all-purpose modern van called the EF1-V.  The solar van is designed for multiple uses including for families, work, travel and for hauling cargo.  EdisonFuture says the solar EV works off-road and on city streets.  And it will be offered in several cargo sizes from 260 to 400 cubic feet of cargo space depending on the drivers' needs. Tech Specs The EF1-V comes with the choice of two powertrain options: a Standard single motor or the Long Range dual motor version.  The solar EV can tow 7,500 to 11,000 pounds depending on the version.  Price and the range of the EV have not yet been disclosed. EF1-T Solar Pickup Truck EdisonFuture has also launched a solar pickup truck called the EF1-T t