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New Solar/Electric Bike from India

  College Student in India Has a Unique E-Bike Design                             Source: Dhanush with some of his Professors                                             Source:  News Agency ANI Entrepreneur with a "Brilliant" Green Idea In India, college student Dhanush Kumnar has designed an electric bicycle that runs on battery and solar power.  Dhanush is a student of BSc Physics at The American College in the city of Madurai, India.  His bike is being hailed as unique and "brilliant".  It is powered by a 24 volt and 26 ampere battery. With its solar panel, it feeds on energy from the sun. Driving on Sunshine The bike can drive at least 18.6 miles on a fully charged battery.  And, it can run up to 31 miles continuously with power from the solar panels supplementing the charged battery with energy.  The bike can hit speeds of 18.6 to 25 mph.  It can also be pedaled like a normal bike. Talk of India The new e-bike innovation is getting a lot of play on Twitter par