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New $6500 Solar-Powered Car

  From the Netherlands: The  Squad                                        Source:  Squad Mobility A Car That's Electric, Solar Powered & Inexpensive Dutch startup Squad Mobility has created a truly revolutionary driving machine.  It's a tiny, all electric, solar powered microcar called the Squad and it is inexpensive at $6,500 or it can be leased for $104.00 per month. It's not a concept car.  It can be ordered and will be available in 2023.  The EV has a range of 62 miles.  In Europe, it's classified as a L6e vehicle, which limits its top speed to 28 mph.  This new class of electric vehicle, that looks like a golf cart, was just unveiled at the Fully Charged Live electric vehicle show in Amsterdam, yesterday. Designed For City Driving The Dutch electric car startup says Squad is designed to combine the practicality of a 4-wheel car with the convenience of a moped.  The EV can carry a driver and one passenger and is best for navigating dense, congested, urban areas.