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AI Lunar Robot Wanted by NASA

Latest Robotic News Source:  NASA Guide to Latest Robots NASA is challenging the scientific community and the public to design a robot that is self-assembling and with artificial intelligence that can explore the surface of the moon.  The AI has to be powerful enough to enable the robot to make decisions based on what it's learning about the lunar surface. 2019 Challenge The news came from William Harris, CEO of Space Center Houston.  The challenge will be officially announced in 2019.  The winning robot will be involved in scientific experiments.  For instance, there is evidence of frozen water beneath the moon's surface.  NASA believes that could be harvested to provide hydrogen fuel to power space missions.  The water also might enable space colonies according to NASA. Latest in Robotics:  Important Innovations:  Collection For a guide on the latest and best in robotic innovation, a great resource is Important Innovations:  Collection, Vol. 2 by my colleague E