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Boom Supersonic's Booming Business

  American Airlines Orders 20 SSTs                                             Source:  Boom Supersonic Traveling Faster Than the Speed of Sound Business is booming at the moment for Colorado-based aviation company Boom Supersonic.  American Airlines has just joined United and Japan Airlines in placing substantial orders for Boom's Overture SST passenger plane.  Overture uniquely flies faster than the speed of sound on ecofriendly Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF). American has ordered 20 Overture SSTs with the option of buying 40 more.  Boom already has 70 SST orders from United Airlines and Japan Airlines.  The SST will enable flights from New York City to London in 3.5 hours as opposed to 5.5 hours currently or Tokyo to Seattle in 4.4 hours rather than the current 8.3 hours.  For air travelers, those flight times would be a dream come true. Tech Specs Boom is readying for takeoff with a production ready version it just unveiled.  Overture has gull-like wings with a contoured fuse