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Superyacht With Hole in Middle - Luxury Cruising

  Hydrogen-Electric, Zero Emissions Sea Travel                                               Source:  Lazzarini's Shape From Italy, Brand New Superyacht This is the most unique, zero emissions, hydrogen electric travel concept that you've probably ever encountered.  It's a superyacht from the prestigious Italian design firm Lazzarini which is known for game-changing, design innovations in yachts and other vehicles.  This yacht called Shape is 226 feet long and has a huge hole in the middle of the vessel.  A yacht shaped like this one has never been created before.  It is designed to provide the most luxurious approach to sea travel.  Most importantly, this beautiful seagoing design is powered by an advanced propulsion system that is fueled by hydrogen and solar panels on the roof to generate electricity to power the ship. Why Is There a Hole in the Middle of the Ship? The arc or hole in the middle of the ship is totally customizable to the preferences of the buyer.  There i

Sustainable, 0-Emissions Super Yacht from Spain

  From Barcelona, the Naboo - Sustainable Luxury                                   Source:  Naboo by Hidden Portside 164 Foot Yacht with a 3-Story Vertical Garden Barcelona based design studio Hidden Portside has created a magnificent, sustainable, zero emissions, electric, 164 foot, electric superyacht concept.  It is called Naboo and combines a sleek and elegant futuristic design with electric propulsion and eco-friendly furnishings.  And uniquely the yacht has a 3 story vertical garden that beautifully connects its 3 decks.  Hidden Port calls the Naboo "sustainable luxury....relying on the innovations of the future." Inspired by Star Wars Naboo the superyacht is inspired by Star Wars' fictional planet Naboo that is filled with lush greenery.  The yacht contains a beautiful, sumptuous array of various greenery. Hidden Portside used what they call a "ring concept" to create a more rounded sense of flow onboard the yacht rather straight linear lines. The yacht i