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A New #1 Book Release on Amazon

"New Travel Vehicles Illustrated" by Journalists Edward Kane & Maryanne Kane                                                  Source:  Amazon #1 New Release in Pictorial Automotive Books So proud that my brother Ed and my book "New Travel Vehicles Illustrated" by Edward Kane has been a #1 new release on Amazon, now in Pictorial Automotive Books, for a few weeks. I'm the co-author. Here's an easy way to take a free look  New Travel Vehicles Illustrated   It contains fun, easy to read news briefs and great images of the world's top emerging travel vehicles. 

"Daily Vehicle Briefing" by Edward Kane on Amazon

  365 New Vehicles Under Development for Every Day of the Year                                                       Source:  Amazon                                              Daily Vehicle Briefing Now on Amazon and Kindle Journalist Edward Kane's latest book "Daily Vehicle Briefing", 365 New Travel Concepts, has just been published by Amazon. I co-authored the book with my brother Ed.  It showcases fascinating new vehicles under development for the reader every day of the year.  It's a fun, easy to read series of executive briefings and illustrative images.  To sample the book, go to  Daily Vehicle Briefing

Your Combo House, Boat, Bike Vehicle

  World's Most Versatile Vehicle: Z-Triton                                               Source:  Zeltini's Z-Triton The Amphibious Camper Trike The Z-Triton has to be the world's most versatile vehicle.  Created by the small engineering firm Zeltine in Latvia, Z-Triton is an amphibious camper tricycle.  It's a bike, boat and camper, all rolled into one, multipurpose vehicle that operates on land and water.  The vehicle is powered by electric motors and solar panels.  The body is made from organic materials.  It is zero emissions and a good way to enjoy the environment without harming it.  It is also an innovative new piece of travel technology. It's a world first in amphibious camper trikes with three wheels. Tech Details Z-Triton can carry two people.  It's equipped with an electric boat motor, lithium-ion battery pack, a solar panel on the roof and an electric trike motor. The vehicle is fully amphibious and can travel at speeds up to 15 mph on land.  The bik

"Cool New Vehicles Revealed" Edward Kane

 Edward Kane's  Latest Book Just Published on Kindle                                              Source: Amazon                             ASIN: B09CN2QWT4 Cool New Cars, Planes, e-Bikes and More Edward Kane's latest book "Cool New Vehicles Revealed" presents fascinating new flying cars and flying motorcycles, e-VTOLs, solar planes and much more as executive briefings with great pictures.  To take a look go to     I co-authored the book with Ed.