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Ford's New Maverick Hybrid Pickup

  It's the Most Fuel Efficient Pickup on the Market  Source:  Ford Under $20,000 Starting Price & It's a Hybrid Ford has a very interesting new pickup just entering the market.   It's the new Maverick pickup.  Ford calls it their smallest and most fuel efficient pickup.  The vehicle has a hybrid powertrain that provides 40 mph and 37 mph combined, which makes it the most fuel efficient pickup on the market today.  The pickup has the capacity to haul 1,500 pounds and to tow 2,000 pounds.  The starting price is $19,995.00.  The range on a tank of gas is 500 miles. Unique Pickup with Interesting Features The pickup truck's rear loading bed is unique.  Ford calls it the All New Ford Maverick FLEXBED. For the owner, it is customizable to their needs.  Ford has built slots into the sides of the truck's bed.  2x4's and 2x6's can be dropped in to create unique spaces like raised platforms, bike platforms and storage spaces.  It also has two, 110 volt outlets to