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Hyundai's Flying Taxi Hub in Miami

  Miami Becoming a Global Capital of Flying Taxis Source:  Hyundai's Supernal Flying Taxi Partnership Between Hyundai & Miami Hyundai's urban air mobility division, Supernal, has signed an agreement with the city of Miami to launch air taxi services in South Florida by 2028.  The agreement establishes a framework to win buy in from industry and community stakeholders in order to achieve the regulatory approvals needed to start air taxi services.   Strategic Flying Plan Supernal is a young startup, formed by Hyundai in November 2021. The agreement to start operations in Miami is their first air taxi deal. Supernal's strategic plan is to develop an air taxi network as an integrated component of an end-to-end ridesharing, app-based system. The company is currently developing their air taxi model with Boston Dynamics, HTWO and Motional. From the artist renderings of the eVTOL, it appears to be a tilt rotor, propulsion design aircraft with fixed wings.  The vehicle would car

Rolls Royce Flies into E-Planes Development

  British Company Launching Dual Electric Plane Efforts                                             Source:  Rolls Royce Rolls Royce Seeks Leadership Role in Urban Air Mobility UK-based aerospace and aviation engine company Rolls Royce is launching major initiatives to move forward and dominate the global electric aviation industry.  The company says by 2025 it expects to deploy an electric plane capable of flying 6 to 8 passengers as much as 80 nautical miles.  The e-plane will be the first commercial application for its P-Volt.  That's a battery electric system with 600 kilowatt hours of power that can be used in regional commuter e-planes or eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff & landing) vehicles. Rolls Royce believes that in the next 3 to 5 years, urban air mobility and regional air mobility with electric vehicles will begin to flourish. It also believes that with battery technology innovations, the range of e-planes will rapidly expand. World Electric Speed Record Rolls Royce