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New Polestar 5 Is One Powerful EV - Sweden

  Polestar 5: More Powerful Than Porsche's Taycan Turbo S Source:  Polestar 5 Concept & Prototype Likely to be Polestar's Most Powerful Electric Car Sweden's Polestar EV manufacturer has a new ace of a car up its sleeve.  It's called the Polestar 5 and is designed to be the company's flagship and most powerful vehicle. The EV is a large, grand tourer (GT), 4-door sedan-hatchback with a whopping 884 horsepower.  It is considerably more powerful than a Porsche Taycan Turbo S and that is saying something significant about the power this electric car will deliver. New Technologies The EV will hit the market in 2024.  The company says the powertrain that they are developing for the vehicle will set new performance levels for their high-performance cars.  It combines highly advanced, new electric motors that are coupled with advances in lightweight car technologies to create "stunning cars". It has a new, bonded aluminum chassis.  It's a chassis type tha