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World's 1st All-Terrain Hypercar - From UK

  Car With Top Speed of 185 mph                                                       Source: Prodrive Hunter Drives on All Types of Terrains British automaker Prodrive has created a world first:  an all-terrain hypercar.    There are many hypercars on the global market but they all need smooth roads or racetracks to operate on.  No so for the all-terrain Prodrive Hunter.  The one-of-a-kind Hunter can explore the outdoors off-road at very impressive high speeds.  Hunter is an unprecedented piece of automotive technology and engineering that Prodrive says it created in order to enable people to reach and explore out of the way, nearly inaccessible parts of the world.  The vehicle started its outings as a phenomenal race car that competed in the sands of Bahrain.  It is now an all-terrain vehicle for anyone to off-road with for the thrill of the ride. Specs & Features The new Hunter has style, power and speed.  It's capable of a top speed of 185 mph and can accelerate from 0 to 6