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Flying at Mach 5

Stratolaunch's Hypersonic Vehicles                                             Source:  Stratolaunch Big Aviation Technology Breakthroughs Mojave, California based, aerospace company Stratolaunch just unveiled its hypersonic vehicle Talon-A, known as TA-O. TA-O prototypes are designed to fly at speeds of Mach 5 or 3,705 mph.  In the very near future, the company intends to launch TA-O from its huge aircraft carrier Roc. Roc is the world's largest plane with a wingspan of 385 feet. It is 238 feet long and 50 feet tall.  It has successfully completed its fifth flight.  Founded by the late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, the company is setting the pace for huge aviation technology breakthroughs. First Flight The first TA-O prototype vehicle will initially be carried into flight by Roc this year to access how the vehicle impacts Roc's flight dynamics. In 2023, TA-O will be launched from Roc to test Roc's launch and separation capabilities.  The first TA-O is unpowered.  Si