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DeLorean Reborn as Alpha 5 EV

  The New Delorean Electric Sports Car                                                        Source:  DeLorean - New & Old Blast From the Past That's All New & Electric It was more than 40 years ago, in 1975, that the glitzy, avantgarde Delorean DMC hit the global automotive market.  The vehicle was nothing less than an automotive trailblazer of a sports car with its stainless-steel body, gull wing doors and flashy futuristic design.  Now, four decades later, the DeLorean sports car is being reborn as the DeLorean Alpha 5 EV concept car.  It has the classic gull wing doors but everything else is new, all electric and zero emissions.  The vehicle will be unveiled in August by the new DeLorean Motors which is owned and operated by British automotive mechanic Stephen Wynn in Humble, Texas.  The original DeLorean Motors, founded by automotive legend John DeLorean, went out of business in 1982. Tech Specs & More As you can see in the images, the Alpha 5 EV is sleek, smooth