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Personal eVTOL You Can Park In Garage

  Israeli Startup AIR's "Flying Car"                                                         Source:  AIR Working With FAA For US Take-off Israeli startup AIR has revealed a 2 seat, electric "flying car" eVTOL designed for personal travel and recreation. The revolutionary new flying machine is called Air One. With collapsible wings and retractable landing gear, it can fit in a garage, so there's no need to rent hanger space. AIR hopes to start selling the personal, electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle (eVTOL) directly into the individual consumer market, primarily in the US, by 2024.  The company has smartly jumpstarted the process by working directly with the FAA for two years on licensing and regulations to ensure that it is safe and legal.  AIR says that it expects to be cleared for takeoff by the FAA by the end of 2023. Cutting Edge Aviation Software With a maximum speed of 150 mph and a flying range of 110 miles, the Air One is equipped with a