DAILY INNOVATION BRIEF by Maryanne Kane, Journalist



                 By Journalists Edward Kane & Maryanne Kane



                                                            Source:  Stock - King Tut

  • A top scientist has come up with a new theory concerning the death of the ancient & famous "Boy King" Pharoah King Tut
  • He was killed from a chariot racing accident while drunk on wine, which in today's world would amount to driving while under the influence (DUI)
  • Tut died in 1324 BC at the age of 19 in a horrific chariot accident that crushed the left side of his body and killed him
  • The drunk chariot driving theory comes from top forensic Egyptologist Sofi Aziz, who told the BBC that King Tut was a typical teenager who loved drinking & was probably driving his chariot too fast while under the influence
  • Her theory comes in part from his tomb where his favorite objects were buried with him - lots of wine and 6 chariots
  • Previous theories cited malaria as the cause but analysis shows the accident shattered his ribs, pelvis and destroyed his heart.


                                        Source:  AEHRA

  • Italian premium EV startup AEHRA just debuted its sedan GT, called The Sedan, that's elegant, classic and powerful with a record shattering 497-mile range on a charge
  • EV created by 2 top automotive experts:  Felippo Perini, the former lead designer at Lamborghini and Franco Climatti, former top engineer at Ferrari
  • Key tech details:
  1. 3 electric motors with 794 bhp
  2. 120 kWh battery
  3. Charge rates up to 350 kW
  4. Bidirectional charging capability
  • 4, falcon wing door sedan
  • Elegant, smooth aerodynamic design
  • Infotainment screen goes across the entire length of dash
  • Price - $160,000 to $180,000
  • Arriving in global markets 2026
  • Goal: combine Italian design elegance and engineering with American customer service in an ultra-premium EV.



                                                              Source:  Stock
  • A leading Brazilian coffee research institute is finalizing development of naturally decaffeinated arabica coffee varieties
  • This could have significant commercial market potential
  • Current decaffeinated coffees are produced by chemical or industrial processes which add costs and health questions
  • The group IAC (Instituto Agronomico de Campinar) is behind the effort & is beginning regional field trials of some plants of the naturally decaffeinated varieties
  • IAC has developed many of the high yield coffee plants that have made Brazil a coffee powerhouse
  • Decaffeinated coffee represents 10% of the US coffee markets
  • Experts believe naturally decaffeinated coffee would enjoy a big market in the US, Europe & elsewhere
  • Coffee plants take about 2 years to reach fruition, so it's likely the trials will last that long.

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