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Ford's New Leadership & New Technologies

New CEO's Focus on High Growth, New Auto Technologies Source:  Ford's CEO Jim Farley Source:  Ford EV Charging Station Veteran Ford Exec Jim Farley Named CEO The incoming CEO of Ford, Jim Farley, intends to expand Ford's business operations into new, high growth technologies.  The technologies include software, electric vehicle charging and fleet management.  He says these are new growth initiatives that will result in a great deal of value for Ford.  Farley is a Ford veteran who has overseen virtually all of Ford's global markets.  He succeeds CEO Jim Hackett as Ford's 4th CEO since 2014. COVID Damage Jim Farley's job will not be an easy one.  He will be managing global restructuring for Ford operations that took a major hit from the COVID pandemic and forced shutdowns, as did many global corporations.  The US #2 automaker is loaded with debt.  Year to date, Ford's share price is down 26% and its market cap is 1/10th of Tesla. Transition and Revitalization

Super Ferry, SuperYacht from Italy

$39 Million Xenos in a Class of its Own Source:  Lazzarini Design Studios Ready to Serve as Your Next Ferry Ride This may be the superyacht of all yachts.  It's the $39 million Xenos that can hit 100 mph and comes with a complementary $3 million Bugatti Chiron, which is one of the fastest and most powerful cars in the world.  Interestingly, the superyacht is loaded with integrated solar panels to incorporate a more green performance.  And it can function as a superfast ferry with plane-like seating for 180 passengers.  This is travel innovation from the Italy based Lazzarini Design Studio.  Designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini calls it a hyperyacht, that comes in both standard and hydrofoil versions. Lots of Tech At the top model level, the Xenos packs 15,000 horsepower and can hit speeds of 90 knots, making it the fastest ship in its category of 130 feet in length and 28 feet in width.  It's made of carbon and aluminum/steel with solar panels on the roof.  The vessel is loaded with an


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New Energy Generator Powers Small Electronics                                                   Source:  NUS Device This is An Electrifying Invention This new invention is called a shadow-effect energy generator.  It's the stuff of science fiction but it's real.  The device produces a current from the differences between bright light and shadowy areas.  The bigger the contrast in light the more energy it produces.  The device can produce enough energy to power a small electronic device like an electronic watch.  The materials scientist inventor - Swee Ching Tan of the National University of Singapore - says this allows us to "harvest energy anyplace on Earth." Shadows of Value The new device is similar to a solar cell.  Tan created the generator by placing a thin coat of gold over silicon.  Light shining on the silicon energizes its electrons. With the gold layer, the generator produces a current when part of the device is in shadow.  Next Steps and Potential Skyscrap

Important Innovations Collection: The Best

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