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New Electric SUV with 500 Miles Range

  AEHRA's EV With 815 HP                                                  Source:  AEHRA Italian EV Startup With Intriguing Technologies Milan-based EV startup AEHRA is developing an all-electric, highly aerodynamic SUV that promises a range on a charge of 500 miles.  It also packs 815 hp of power. The SUV in design seems to blur the line between a supercar and an SUV with its flowing aerodynamic contours and cabin forward silhouette.  It will be formally unveiled in early 2023 and delivered to buyers in 2025. Although it is one of the boldest and most fascinating new concepts recently announced, it doesn't have a name yet.  It is the brash creation of AEHRA, a startup headquartered in Milan, Italy that was founded in Delaware in 2020 by the entrepreneur Hazim Nada, who was born in the US and raised in Italy. Nada also founded Aero Gravity, which is Europe's largest vertical wind tunnel and Lord Energy.  AEHRA is a new company grounded in innovation. AEHRA If you're cur