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Dish & Amazon Web Services 5G Network

  World's 1st Wireless Network on Public Cloud                                                                                             Source:  DISH                                    Source :  5G Network Stock Image Dish's Cloud 5G Dish, the direct broadcast satellite TV service provider, and Amazon Web Services are partnering on establishing a new 5G network nationwide in the US.  The new 5G network will start operating in Las Vegas later this year and it will go nationwide. This is an effort by Dish and Amazon Web Services to compete against Verizon and AT&T as a nationwide wireless internet, TV and phone provider. The AWS infrastructure will deploy a cloud native 5G network for Dish, that will pull in phone and wireless devices to the new network for new subscribers.  Dish has a membership base of 11.3 million pay-TV subscribers that will be tapped into for 5G phone and wireless internet services.  Dish is spending $10 billion to change itself into a cloud based wir