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Volvo's Vision of E-Driving & 625 M Range

  Concept Recharge - Volvo's E-Car of the Future                                                                  Source:  Volvo's Concept Recharge EV Battery with a 625 Mile Range Sweden based Volvo has very ambitious electrification plans.  It intends to have an all-electric vehicle lineup by 2030.  It has developed a new EV battery with a staggering range of 625 miles on a single charge.  And it has developed the "Concept Recharge" car, which is a model for what Volvo EVs will look like in the future.  Volvo plans to sell 600,000 EVs by 2025.  Volvo is owned by China based Geely. Concept Recharge The Concept Recharge vehicle is an electric SUV designed for maximum comfort and space.  It has a unique, vertical infotainment tablet, an open space, comfortable interior design and reverse hinge rear doors.  A version of the concept will be on the road by 2024. 625 Mile Range Volvo is far ahead of other global EV makers on battery range.  The only vehicle that even comes