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World's Largest Amphibious Plane - China

  China's   Plane That Skis Through the Water                                                  Source:  China China's Breakthrough Aviation Innovation China is developing the world's largest amphibious plane - the AG 600 - that literally skis on water.  This aircraft is both strategically and technologically significant.  Geopolitically, it will extend China's maritime coverage throughout the entire South China Sea. That is one of the richest fishing areas with untapped oil and natural gas reserves that other nations, including the US, are attempting to preserve and protect the rights of nearby island nations. It is also breakthrough aviation technology that combines a huge aircraft with a huge boat.  It is 121 feet long with a 128-foot wingspan.  It has already successfully undergone 100 hours of scientific flight testing and is about to undergo more flight tests. Aviation History When deployed, the AG 600 will make aviation history as the world's largest amphibiou