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Audi's Brilliant Idea - Activesphere

  New All-Road Autonomous EV Concept                                             Source: Audi Spheres Future of Premium Mobility German luxury car maker Audi, owned by VW, is rapidly expanding its lineup of electric vehicles.  It just unveiled a stunning new concept called Activesphere, which provides "maximum variability" for off and on-roading.  In essence, Activesphere is Audi's very rugged take on electric, autonomous driving.  This is Audi's 4th new Sphere EV of the past year.  Activesphere is being called a next-G all-roader.  It's a sedan/SUV-like vehicle equipped for serious off-roading.  And autonomous driving appears to be a big part of the ride.  Activesphere is the latest "Sphere" for Audi, which includes Urbansphere, Skysphere and Grandsphere.  These EVs pack significant ranges up to 466 miles on a charge. Awesome New Technologies The technologies that Audi is developing for these Sphere concepts are awesome.  Skysphere, with the push of a b