Audi Concept For Outdoor Adventures

 Audi Activesphere

                                            Source:  Audi

Audi's Fourth Sphere

Audi has innovated a fascinating new concept car, aimed at people who love the outdoors.  Called the Audi Activesphere, the concept car is the fourth model in the sphere family of concept cars that Audi has been introducing since August 2021.  Like the Grandsphere, Skysphere and Urbansphere, the Activesphere has an all-electric powertrain and is capable of autonomous driving.  It will formally debut in late January 2023.  Activesphere, along with the three other sphere concepts, represents Audi's vision of premium driving mobility for tomorrow. The concept showcases Audi's future car design.

What We Know About This New Concept

Audi says the Activesphere will offer "maximum variability for an active lifestyle, both on and off-road". It is particularly geared to ski and golf enthusiasts and to those who love to travel on challenging mountain roads.  It obviously has tremendous off-roading capabilities.  It's an electric crossover EV that is large, with broad shoulders, a panoramic roof, illuminated Audi logos on the front and back.  It has a tough, strong, outdoorsy look.  Most intriguingly, Audi says the EV's "communications technology creates a unique experience beyond the car itself".  We will learn more at the world debut of Activesphere at the "Celebration of Progress" on January 26, 2023.  


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