Fantastical Car Concept From Lancia

 Lancia Returns to Carmaking: Goes All-Electric Luxury

                                        Source:  Lancia

New Concept Pu-Ra Zero is Purely Radical

Famed Italian automaker Lancia has returned to its roots of designing and making cars.  Now owned by Stellantis (Chrysler), Lancia has resurrected its brand with a very wild car concept, a new mission and a new logo.  The concept is as unique as it gets.  The "design sculpture" is called Pu-Ra Zero - as in pure, radical, zero emissions. And it does not resemble a conventional car.  In fact, it has no wheels, no windows and lacks most of the things that you expect to come with a car.  The concept is actually Lancia's design language for what will be its flagship EV of the future. Lancia defines their approach as a combination of design, art and innovation. Lancia is branding itself as an all-electric Italian luxury car brand with its first new models due in 2024. Despite its distinguished automotive history, Lancia hasn't created a new car in more than a decade.  It has one vehicle on the market. It is the 3rd generation subcompact hatch Ypsilon that was first introduced in 2011 and still sells well in Italy.

Blending The Past Into the Future

Lancia has been building cars for more than 100 years.  The company dates back to 1906.  Most of its cars are sold in Italy. But a Lancia sports car called Scorpion gained some popularity in the US in the 1970's.  Now, Lancia's first new models, called Ypsilon and Delta, will draw inspiration from classic Lancia cars like the Flamina and Aurelia.  The new vehicles will be electric only.  The concept car Pu-Ra Zero will have a great influence over the new vehicles.  Lancia calls Pu-Ra a "sculpture...a 3-dimensional manifesto" that will inspire their future vehicles, all of which, they add, will be sustainable. The interior will be crafted by a luxury Italian furniture design firm and the seats and other interior components will be made of sustainable materials.

Geometric Shapes and Iconic Details

Lancia says it will build its new cars by successive layering of simple shapes like circles, rectangles and triangles and then combine them with eclectic details.  The company says the result will be something that is innovative, artistic, exciting and not typically automotive.  The new concept Pu-Ra Zero showcases the unique and innovative design language that future vehicles will have from Lancia particularly from 2024 through 2028. For more news stories like this, Future Modes of Travel 2020's, 2030's


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