Cupra/VW's Race Car to Road Car Concept

 Cupra Urban Rebel Race Car Concept Innovation

                                                Source:  Cupra

VW Car Innovation Center:  Cupra

Cupra, which is a division of VW, has unveiled a radical new race car that is soon to become a road car.  It's called the Cupra Urban Rebel.  As a race car, it packs 400 hp and is said, by one automotive expert, to be "fast and playful on dirt and tarmac".  The all-electric vehicle will be launched as an urban mobility road car in 2025.  For VW, this new EV is strategically important to the brand's green future.  VW hopes to produce 500,000 urban electric cars per year.  

Automotive Innovation

Cupra defines itself as a unique brand, distinguished by sportiness and sophistication.  It also incorporates into its vehicles leading edge styling.  The new concept sports contoured lines and sculptured surfaces brought to life by kinetic particles that display colors and seem to add mobility to the car's surface as light crosses over it.  As some of the images show, it is light show on wheels.  

Road Car

As for the road car coming in 2025, the company says that it will have amazing dynamics and design. It will be customized for road travel and will be a bit different from the race car.  The EV will have 5-doors and the spacious interior will be made of biomaterials and recycled polymers. The EV will have front wheel drive, provide 250 kW of continuous power and up to 325 kW at peak.  The range on a charge is 270 miles. The race car has a dual-electric motor, 4-wheel drive and pumps out 335 hp of continuous power and a boost option of 430 hp.  

More Details

The car has a distinctive shark nose, and the sides of the EV are designed to give the feeling of moving toward the future.  It has wraparound windows to deliver the effect of a floating roof. The body is covered with chameleonic, multi-layered coloring with iridescent finishes.  Cupra says the Urban Rebel fuses racing and urban mobility to create a groundbreaking all-electric vehicle that will be moderately priced in the $21,000 to $26,000 range.  It is a car to watch for in 2025.  For more news stories like this, Flight Path to the Future


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