Air One eVTOL Ready For FAA

 Air One eVTOL Successfully Transition from Hover to Cruising

                                            Source:  Air

Air Goes For FAA Approval

For Israeli startup company Air, their eVTOL Air One has reached a significant milestone.  The personal flying machine has successfully transitioned from hovering to cruising.  Several months ago, it also nailed lift-off to hover.  What this means is that Air can now go after FAA certification for Air One to fly and operate in the US.  The Israeli company is now shifting most of its operations to the US to focus on achieving necessary regulatory approval to fly here.  This new urban air mobility technology is definitely in the take-off lane. It's a fully electric, vertical takeoff and landing vehicle.

Tech Specs

Air One is designed for personal owners who want to make short flights around urban areas.  It is not intended to be a commercial flying taxi.  Nonetheless, it appears to be a significant aviation breakthrough.  The eVTOL's top speed is 155 mph, cruising speed is 100 mph and it has a range on a charge of 110 miles. It flies with eight propellers for lift and then tilts forward to cruise with the help of its angular wings.  

Future Flights

Air expects Air One to be fully operational in the US in 2024.  The pre-order price is $150,000 and 260 customers have already bought it.  Shipping starts in 2024.  Air One appears to be well on its way to becoming an important part of the new future of urban air mobility for individual commuters. 


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