Germany's Thunderball EV Concept Cabriolet

 Weisman Thunderball Goes Electric

                             Source: Weisman Thunderball EV

All Electric Cabriolet

Weisman Automobile GmbH has just unveiled its Thunderball all-electric Cabriolet, which is a very sporty, stunning concept that is going into production. Weisman is a Germany-based automotive manufacturer that specializes in hand-built, custom convertibles and coupes.  They two brothers who founded the business have been in business since 1988.  Their new Thunderball is getting the automotive world's attention because of its power, beauty and performance. One major automotive magazine called it "a tour de force".  Weisman calls the vehicle "the world's most exciting sportscar".  Thought you would like to take a look at it as I did.

Tech Specs & More

The Thunderball sports car is a zero emissions vehicle that can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 2.9 seconds.  It has two electric motors mounted in the rear to give the back wheels a lot of power. It is powered by an 83-kWh battery with 800 volts. The EV pumps out 671 hp and 811 pd-ft. of torque. The range on a charge is 311 miles. It weighs 3,747 pounds. Weisman says the vehicle also has 5 selectable levels of regenerative braking for greater energy efficiency.  Thunderball is a custom-built electric vehicle with a lot of sports car class and speed. The company has not yet disclosed pricing or the date when the vehicle can be purchased.  But we do know that it will be produced at Weisman facilities in Dulman, Germany.


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