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Fantastical Car Concept From Lancia

  Lancia Returns to Carmaking:  Goes All-Electric Luxury                                                  Source:  Lancia New Concept Pu-Ra Zero is Purely Radical Famed Italian automaker Lancia has returned to its roots of designing and making cars.  Now owned by Stellantis (Chrysler), Lancia has resurrected its brand with a very wild car concept, a new mission and a new logo.  The concept is as unique as it gets.  The "design sculpture" is called Pu-Ra Zero - as in pure, radical, zero emissions. And it does not resemble a conventional car.  In fact, it has no wheels, no windows and lacks most of the things that you expect to come with a car.  The concept is actually Lancia's design language for what will be its flagship EV of the future. Lancia defines their approach as a combination of design, art and innovation. Lancia is branding itself as an all-electric Italian luxury car brand with its first new models due in 2024. Despite its distinguished automotive history, Lanc