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Flying Cars To Go Racing in Australia

  World First in Remote Australia                                                   Source:  Alauda F1 Race in the Sky Alauda Aeronautics of Adelaide, Australia is finalizing the manufacturing of 10 electric, flying car racing vehicles to participate in the world's first flying car race.  These vehicles contain highly advanced technologies never deployed before in e-VTOLs or electric, vertical takeoff and landing vehicles.  The flying racing car eVTOL is called the Airspeeder mk3.  The vehicle has been developed by a team that includes Rolls Royce, Jaguar and Boeing, among others.  The races will get underway this year. First of its Kind Aviation Technologies The Airspeeder has unprecedented, breakthrough innovative technologies.  They include LIDAR and a radar collision avoidance system, that according to the company, creates a "virtual forcefield" around the vehicle to allow for close but safe racing. It has a carbon fiber frame and fuselage which is lightweight but str