Flying Cars To Go Racing in Australia

 World First in Remote Australia

                                        Source:  Alauda

F1 Race in the Sky

Alauda Aeronautics of Adelaide, Australia is finalizing the manufacturing of 10 electric, flying car racing vehicles to participate in the world's first flying car race.  These vehicles contain highly advanced technologies never deployed before in e-VTOLs or electric, vertical takeoff and landing vehicles.  The flying racing car eVTOL is called the Airspeeder mk3.  The vehicle has been developed by a team that includes Rolls Royce, Jaguar and Boeing, among others.  The races will get underway this year.

First of its Kind Aviation Technologies

The Airspeeder has unprecedented, breakthrough innovative technologies.  They include LIDAR and a radar collision avoidance system, that according to the company, creates a "virtual forcefield" around the vehicle to allow for close but safe racing. It has a carbon fiber frame and fuselage which is lightweight but strong and enables maneuverability, efficiency and performance.  All of these new technologies will be put to the test in races this year.

F1 Racing in the Sky

Alauda says unmanned, remotely controlled vehicle races will get underway this year with 10 identical Airspeeder mk3's.  The vehicles are shaped in an octocopter X design for maximum maneuverability and stability while racing.  The mk3 has 540 hp from 8 electric engines with two blades powered by each engine.  It can reach speeds of 100 mph and accelerate to 62 mph in 2.3 seconds.  Race speeds are expected to be 75 mph and race times will be from 5 to 20 minutes.  The design and styling of the vehicle is inspired by Formula 1 race cars.  

Manned Flying Race Cars

Depending on results, Alauda will roll out a manned version, the mk4, in 2022 and manned races will get underway.  The technology being developed for these flying race cars is expected to be of great use in the development of flying cars for commuters.  


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