Subaru's Flying Motorcycle Concept

 Subaru Seeking US Patent Protection For Flying Motorcycle

                                        Source:  Flying Motorcycle Concepts Stock Images

                  Source: Artist Rendering of Flying Motorcycle

                            Source:  Subaru's Design Drawings

Vertical Takeoff and Landing Personal Mobility

Subaru has designed and filed a US patent for a land and air vehicle, which is essentially a flying motorcycle.  The design drawing showcases a motorcycle encased in the fuselage of a plane.  The vehicle is a VTOL, or vertical takeoff and landing vehicle.  It is powered by internal combustion not electricity.

Biking and Flying Concept

According to the patent filing, the wings tuck into the sides of motorcycle to ride it as a bike on the road.  For takeoffs, the wings extend with their propellers facing upwards to takeoff and land vertically like a helicopter.  There is a fixed rotor at the back of the vehicle.  After takeoff, the vehicle's wheels retract for flying and the wings go into a horizontal position to serve as traditional airplane wings and propellers.  The power source is a combustion engine to drive the bike and to provide power for the electric propeller motors. It is not known if Subaru will take this flying-biking vehicle commercial, but it is important to note that they are trying to secure a US patent on this unique concept.  For a comprehensive look at new concept vehicles, go to


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