Sale on Innovation Books by Edward Kane

Special Amazon Promotional Sale on 3 of Ed & My Innovation Books

Limited Time Discounts -- 80%, 90% &100% 

Right now is a great opportunity to purchase several of journalist Edward Kane's recent books on innovations at a deep discount up to 80%, 90% and 100%.  Until April 27, 2021, one book is available for free. I co-authored the books with Ed.  Here is what Amazon is making available:

Future Modes of Travel 2020's & 2030's at $1.99, which is an 80% discount

New Inventions for the 2020's Part 1 at $.99, which is a 90% discount

New Innovations For Gen Y - for free for two days.

These books contain the top, new innovations across industries that are enhancing life for many of us.

To browse my complete set of latest books, go to


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