Amazon's HiTech Hair Salon in London

 High Tech Future of Hairdressing with AR

                                        Source:  Amazon Salon

Amazon Salon in London

Amazon is launching its first, high tech hair salon in East London.  The state of the art, experiential Amazon Salon features augmented reality mirrors that show the client what they look like in specific hair styles and hair colors before they try and buy the treatment. The salon offers traditional hair salon services like haircuts, hair coloring and blow dries.  It is staffed by hairdressers from an independent London hair salon Neville Hair & Beauty.  The Amazon Hair Salon has come as quite a surprise to the retail world.  Amazon calls it "experimental".

Growing Retail Use of AR

Amazon Salon is part of the small but growing use of AR for retail. In the Amazon Salon, product selection utilizes Point & Learn technology. If you determine that you like what a product such as a shampoo and conditioner can do for your look, you can click on the barcode and have it delivered to your home by Amazon.  The Salon also offers customers hair style magazines on tablets for browsing to help select their new look.  

Amazon Technologies

Amazon is the retail master of technologies with its global e-commerce operations, smart shopping carts, computer vision, cashier-less checkouts, palm-reading ID shopping and now AR.  The new Amazon Salon in East London is1500 square feet in size. It will be opening for Amazon employees first and then to the public within a few weeks.  Amazon says it has designed the Salon to showcase and test new technologies.  It is not known if Amazon will roll out the Salon concept elsewhere.  But if it meets with great success, Amazon will capitalize upon the concept. This is a fascinating use of new technologies to provide breakthrough innovation at the very lucrative hair salon level.


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