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Bugatti Race Car On the Road

  Bugatti's Race Car Concept Bolide Going Road Ready                                                  Source:  Bugatti 40 Going Into Production For Purchase In French, Bolide means "very fast car".  And that is exactly what Bugatti's spectacular race car concept Bolide is.  The racetrack-only supercar packs 1800 horsepower and 16 cylinders to deliver speeds over 300 mph.  Since it was unveiled a year ago, there has been so much buzz and excitement among car enthusiasts that Bugatti has decided to develop a road ready version and take it into production.  Bugatti says it will build 40 Bolides for paying customers.  Each vehicle costs $4.68 million.  Bugatti says the buyers are purchasing more than a vehicle.  For most of the buyers, it's a work of art, that rather than drive, they will preserve and savor as a work of art in their garage. Road Ready Version The limited edition Bugatti Bolide for the road is a behemoth with an 8.0 liter, 16 cylinder engine that deliv

Porsche Leads New E-Supercar JV

  Bugatti-Rimac Joint Venture                                                  Source:  Bugatti Chiron                                                  Source:  Rimac Nemera Source: Rimac Nemera Future of Electric Supercars Seismic moves in the global supercar world.  VW has handed over control of its storied supercar brand Bugatti to Porsche, which VW owns.  Porsche, in turn, is creating a new supercar joint venture - Bugatti-Rimac.  Rimac is a Croatian based company that specializes in state of the art, electric supercars that some automotive experts consider magnificent.  The financial structure of the JV is interesting.  Rimac will have a 55% stake in the JV.  Porsche will own 24% of Rimac and own a 45% stake in the JV.  And, the new entity will be headquartered in Croatia with 430 employees.  Also, both Rimac and Bigatti will continue to exist as separate entities. Porsche's Automotive Strategy Porsche's strategy is to combine Rimac's innovation in electric mobility wi