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Flying & Driving Car Aska & FAA Approval

   A5 Looks Like World's 1st Flying & Driving Car                                             Source:  Aska Closing in on FAA Authorization At CES 2023, California-based eVTOL company Aska unveiled and flew its flying car A5, which is very close to FAA authorization and operations.  Here are the salient facts and features of A5: Aska says A5 will win FAA authorization "within the month" It's the world's first, 4 seat flying & driving car It is likely to be the world's first, fully operational flying car The eVTOL is powered by a proprietary power system with lithium-ion battery packs backed up by a gas engine that extends the range Range on a charge is 250 miles when flying When driving, the 4 wheels are outside of the fuselage for enhanced aerodynamics For flying, the wings and 6 rotors unfold for vertical takeoffs or for short runway takeoffs and landings (STOL) First-of-its-kind drive & fly EV that's the size of an SUV It can fit into a car