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Honda Developing Smart Micro Vehicles

  Several New Micro-Mobility Vehicles                                                                                      Source:  Honda Unique New Technologies  Honda is developing a series of test vehicles that will be able to communicate and cooperate like humans.  They are micro-mobility vehicles that include a 4-seat electric mini-car. The car self-drives and can have conversations with the user. There is also a very mobile robot that can help carry people's bags.  These vehicles are the highly innovative creations of Honda CI (Cooperative Intelligence) and Honda AI.  Honda says that the goal and purpose of these new travel concepts is to help people who don't own a car, to move around cities.  The Japanese automaker believes that the need for micro-mobility vehicles is a big, growing trend that it wants to capitalize on.  It plans to offer some of these new technologies first to Japan in 2030. The vehicles go into testing in early 2023. New Technologies of "Cooperat