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Toyota's 2 New Powerful Corollas

  Street Ready, 300 HP GR Corolla Circuit                                                       Source:  Toyota Race Ready, 300 HP Corolla Rally Concept Toyota has introduced two, new powerful Corollas: the street ready GR Corolla Circuit and the track ready GR Corolla Rally.  Both are getting rave reviews for their looks, speed and power.  The new GR Circuit, which is going into production for consumer sales, is being called by automotive experts an "absolute beauty".  It's not your ordinary Corolla.  It has significant power and speed.  The race car concept, HR Rally, is based on the Circuit but has gotten a beefy makeover by Toyota's race car team, for the racetrack.  Toyota executives say the Rally demonstrates the Circuit's potential for further customization. Both vehicles are enjoying a great deal of interest in the automotive world. GR Corolla Circuit Tech Specs The Circuit is powered by a 1.6-liter, turbocharged 3-cylinder engine that is also used in the