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Japan's Do It Yourself eVTOL

  Buy It, Build It, Fly It - Tetra's Mk-5                                                                        Source:  Tetra Aviation The Tetra Mk-5 Japan based Tetra Aviation has developed and is testing a build-it-yourself electric aircraft called the Mk-5. It's a one seater eVTOL lightweight flying machine that can support a pilot under 250 pounds and requires a private pilot's license.  This is a very different approach to personal air mobility.  Tetra is offering buyers the opportunity to "buy it, build it, fly it". As a home built experimental aircraft in the US, it has to be inspected, approved and registered by the FAA to make it legal to fly. Full Electric, Vertical Takeoff & Landing Flying There is a front and back wing. Each wing has 8 propulsion pods. Each propulsion pod has a pair of vertical lift rotors that are assembled across the front and back wings and a cruise prop. Maximum speed is 100 mph and the range on a charge is 100 miles. All of