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Dubai Goodby to Ag for Vertical Farming

World's Largest Vertical Farm Being Built in Dubai By 2019, the emirate of Dubai will have the world's largest vertical farm.  A no-pesticide, veggie source that will be the envy of the green-friendly world.  Ironically, it's being built by a tiny Silicon Valley, CA startup company Crop One. The company's partner is Emirates Flight Catering, one of the world's largest catering operations. Great Veggies for the Super-Rich that's E-Friendly It's a 130,000 sq ft. V-farm that will produce 6000 pounds of veggies daily.  Greens and herbs will be used for inflight meals at Dubai International Airport, the world's largest airport by international passenger traffic.  Construction starts in November 2018.  Veggies will be provided by December 2019 to 105 airlines and 25 airport lounges.. Vertical is Farming's Future Dubai wants to be a global center of innovation and is financially backing it. Programs include the world's 1st robo-cop and fully