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Netherland's S1 Flying Motorbike

Dutch S1 -  Boeing GoFly Winning Concept Dutch team SILVERWING designed this personal flying machine that's an international winner.  It's another top ten contender in Boeing's GoFy International Competition. They've created a flying motorcycle made airborne by 2 large rotors.  The rotors are driven by 2 electric motors. Increased Comfort Level Team SILVERWING designed S1 from the rider's comfort level perspective and to clear the rigorous competitive standards set by Boeing GoFly.  The standards include safety, vehicle size, vertical takeoff and landing, noise level, payload and line of sight.  SILVERWING says the biggest challenge was to keep the noise level minimal while being able to carry a person. S1 Specs S1 takes off vertically.  The thrust for liftoff is provided by the 2 rotors, powered by electric motors.  It then transitions to horizontal flight like a plane.  To win GoFly, it has to fly non-stop for at least 20 miles with no battery rechargin