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Polestar E-Sportscar with Own Drone

  Polestar's Latest Electric Convertible Concept & Drone                                                  Source:  Polestar Car With Flying Drone Launches to Videotape the Drive Sweden-based electric car manufacturer Polestar has a new all-electric convertible sports car concept that comes with its own flying drone.  The EV called O2 is a stunning sports car convertible with 2+2 seating, meaning 2 seats in the front and 2 snug seats in the back.  O2 is a highly advanced piece of automotive engineering with a bonded aluminum body.  It is totally electric, zero emissions with the added advanced technology of a flying, built in "cinematic drone".  The drone is engineered to launch from the rear of the car, while the car is moving, and then videotape the driver's journey along the road for later cinematic viewing. Tech Specs The O2 is Polestar's second concept car and follows Precept which debuted in 2020 and is now being manufactured as Polestar 5.  O2's smoo