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Joby Flying Taxis in Fast Lane For Takeoff

  Joby Wins 1st FAA Flying Certificate                                             Source:  Joby Aviation One Certificate Done & Two More to Go California-based flying taxi startup Joby Aviation is one big step closer to takeoff.  It just received its Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate from the FAA.  It is a major milestone for the company.  It means that Joby can begin operating its air taxi service.  But to legally fly passengers, it needs to secure two more certificates.  It must be awarded a Type Certificate from the FAA which declares that the company's eVTOL meets the Agency's design and safety standards.  It also needs to secure a Production Certificate when it is ready to start producing eVTOLS.  With those three certificates, Joby can start legally flying passengers in its air taxis.  Tech Specs and Performance Achievements Joby's S4 is a 6 rotor eVTOL or all-electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle.  It set an eVTOL global speed record this year when it fl